Monday, 20 May 2013

Finally I got an Indian Site which is reliable and definitely gives u hard cash :-)

Hi friends,
Sorry for delay in posting but in between i have searched for many money making sites but finally i got most legitimate and promising site ever,I have also received payment from that so i can't say that this site will fake or will never gives u money like other money making sites.
Friend in this site u can join freely ,u will get Rs 60 for a referral joining and from 10-1000Rs on completion of survey.
The best part of the site is minimum pay is just 200 Rs which u can target easily ,it means if any 3 members join u will get 180 Rs and for just 2 survey of Rs 10 u can achieve the target of 200 Rs.,I think u Should try this It will take only 2 mins to register ,,,it is awesome

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Please post comment if u like it .....and i am sure u will like it :-)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Earn genuine money from freelancing sites.....

Hello friends,
i m here again to tell u some exiting ways to earn genuine money.
The most popular and reliable source for money making online is FREELANCING..
The definition is like A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term.
If u are a technical person then u r at right place.....
Don't waste ur time on searching silly money making schemes...
GO to freelancing sites and add money to ur account by doing some work,,,It may be web designing or editing,typing etc.
Here are some most popular freelancing sites
and many more...
If u want to work on some projects or u want some project .u can mail me or msg me on blog forum . I have a lot of project..

98% of money making sites are fake...they don't pay single penny.....

Hello fiends,
I have searched a lot and do deep research on these money making site.From these research i came to know the fact that in about more than million money making sites 98% of them are fake.
SO friends if u want to earn genuine money then u r at the right place...
DO u know anything about freelancing work...
If Yes then go to that
else i 'll tell you what is freelancing .......

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Secret to Earn genuine money without Investing

Ever tried to earn online money?????
But always failed.....................................................................
Either sites proved fake or clicking made you nuts...........
Well because You were unaware of "THE SECRET"

Well sounds surprising... you might be thinking what such secret i m going to tell you,
It is a little unrevealed information that many don't know when they get into this highly competitive PTC
I m going to tell you the sites which genuinely offer money and those which just kills your time, and i m pretty sure most of you must have been to these fake traps, we now no im going to tell you about it.
 we will provide both list GENUINE and SCAM Sites.

Some Elite sites----
This is our elite sites list.Only the best of the best will go here. Note that being the best does not imply higher earning It only implies the site is still online and paying without major problems for over 2 years.

Min cash out-$0.6
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Min cash out-$0.10
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Min Cash out-$10
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Min Cash out -$25
Signup bounus -$10
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Min Cashout -$7.99
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Min cash out-$5
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Min Cash out -$5
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8-Easyhits4U -Great site i recommend it .
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Most effectve way if you have blog or web sites....

and more will be listed soon...............

A site will go on this list if it has these issues:
    * not paying,
    * forum removed
    * too many complaints and negative comments are found
    * unstable (comes and goes)
    * abandonment (owner disappears from the forum)
    * ties with or is owned by a previous scammer
      (history of scamming people)
    * or it is being deceiving and is "too good to be true"
(ex: paying $100.00 per ad!)
 LIST is as follows----


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